Schroth Method for Scoliosis


Schroth Method for Scoliosis and PSSE

The Schroth Method is a 3-dimensional scoliosis treatment according to the principles of Katharina and Christa Lehnert Schroth that began in Germany in the 1920’s.  The treatment is based on sensory-motor and kinesthetic principles. Goals of treatment are to facilitate correction of the altered posture, and teach the patient to maintain the corrected posture in daily living activities in order to minimize scoliosis progression and further spinal deformity.


  • Axial Elongation
  • Asymmetrical Sagittal Straightening
  • Frontal Plane Correction
  • Rotational Breathing
  • Muscle Activation

Position Statement of the Scoliosis Research Society 2014:

Physiotherapy Scoliosis Specific Exercises (PSSE) have been proposed as a supplemental treatment to orthotic management of scoliosis to prevent progressive deformity in children and adolescents. PSSE have also been applied for adult patients with pain associated with scoliosis deformities.

The common principles of PSSE involve auto correction, elongation, and chest wall expansion with integration of the “corrected” posture into daily life activities. Several programs have been proposed for scoliosis treatment throughout Europe. One of the initial proponents was Katharina Schroth of Germany who established a clinic for treatment of scoliosis based on a spa-like concept…Other “schools” of scoliosis physiotherapy have evolved from the Schroth concept including the Schroth-Barcelona School (BSPTS), where the exercises are learned in an outpatient regimen. Different approaches also developed in Europe like SEAS in Italy, Dobomed and FITS of Poland, and “side shift” of England to name a few. A therapist may incorporate principles from several of these “schools” in their treatment of the individual patient with scoliosis while working with a rehabilitation team formed by physiotherapists, orthotists and medical doctors.

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Lise Stolze is trained in the Barcelona-Schroth Method through the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School.  For a physical therapy scoliosis evaluation and information about cost and scheduling contact Lise.