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Fully Adjustment Ergonomic Workstation

The concept for an anterior support ergonomic workstation came from my experience as a physical therapist working with patients who had neck or back pain exacerbated by sitting at their occupational workstations.  Some  had been provided a full  “ergonomic assessment” financed by their employers. The ergonomic recommendations were variations on the same theme:  a posterior  support system and chair design with a 90 degree hip angle. But sitting in this position  seemed to predispose some of my patients to slouching – rounding the back and jutting the head forward.  

 An anterior chest support instead of a back support decreased fatigue in my patients with both sitting and standing  postures during vertical alignment.  The “light touch chest support”  in this ergonomic workstation provides a gentle relief for the back when sitting  or standing long periods of time at the computer.  My patients with neck pain were a tougher group! Nothing in the ergonomic workstation assessment recommendations seemed to help them.  I thought about the massage chair and how the face cradle supports the head.…and the design for a “light touch head support” was born. It doesn’t take much support to relieve neck strain, so a  gentle forehead rest was the perfect solution!  The head support allows the head and neck to relax while maintaining an upright position at the workstation…. Learn More